Preparing for What’s Next

The Community Foundation of Boone County can help you as a student throughout your high school career!

The Community Foundation of Boone County can help you as a student throughout your high school career! We provide scholarships for your post-high school plans, but also provide great volunteer opportunities while you are in school to help you connect with your community and gain valuable experience.

Scholarships for School and Beyond
Since 1991, CFBC has awarded over $7 million in scholarships to local Boone County students. No matter what your plans are post-high school, we offer scholarships for it. Scholarship applications open before winter break and are due in February.

Volunteer and Connect with your Community

Volunteering makes connections – connections to others and a connection to your community. Volunteering helps you build stronger friendships, build confidence and build skills that can help you in whatever path you decided to pursue after high school.

Not sure where to start volunteering? Let us help – go to and you’ll find a host of local organizations who are looking for volunteers. Volunteering helps not only your community, but also builds your resume.

Steps for Future Success
Even though you won’t apply for college, trade school, or the military until your senior year, it’s never too early to start planning.

Freshman Year

  • Meet with your school counselor to plan out your 4 years of high school. What degree is best for you? A Core40 diploma? Academic or Technical Honors? Can you earn both?
  • Join extracurricular clubs at your school and track your involvement to start building your resume. Looking for opportunities in the community? Check out Connect Boone County for a list of local organizations looking for volunteers.
  • Study, study, study! Getting good grades will open doors for you. Focus on your studies now and it will pay off later.

Sophomore Year

  • Start a list of your accomplishments and activities. This will help you remember all the things you did as an underclassman.
  • Prep for the PSAT. You’ll take the test during school, but it’s best to be prepared so you know the tips and tricks for getting a good score.
  • Start researching different postsecondary pathways – college, trade school, military, workforce, etc.!
  • Is career & technical education (CTE) for you? Sign up for CTE classes early for your junior and senior years to get a jump start on industry certifications and training!

Junior Year

  • Take the PSAT in the fall. This is good practice for the SAT in the spring, and depending on your score, it could qualify you for the National Merit Scholarship Program.
  • In January, prepare for the SAT and take it when your school offers it, or sign up to take it in early in the spring.
  • Visit colleges if that is your path, and research the costs of attending and merit scholarship opportunities online.
  • Thinking about attending college in Indiana? Look into the Lilly Endowment Community Scholarship that covers the full cost of tuition for schools in Indiana for the recipients.
  • In the summer, work in the career path of your choice to start gaining valuable industry experience.

Senior Year

  • Ask teachers, managers or volunteer coordinators for letters of recommendation.
  • Get your resume up-to-date and ready for college and scholarship applications.
  • Research scholarship applications through the Community Foundation of Boone County, your school, clubs that you are involved in, or military options. Make a list of deadlines to make sure you stay on track.
  • Apply to college before November if that’s your path.
  • Continue to volunteer and look for scholarship opportunities.
  • Review your acceptance and make your decision before May 1 – exciting times ahead!
  • Attend your Trades Signing Day – if applicable. This is a wonderful way to share your future career plans!
  • Celebrate on your way to graduation! Community Foundation of Boone County scholarship recipients are announced at your school’s Senior Awards Night.