Members of the Women of Impact Boone County (WOI) philanthropic giving group brought their passion for supporting local nonprofits together and voted Mental Health America of Boone County as their 2023 second-quarter grant recipient.

The local nonprofit was awarded a check for $11,710 to support their domestic violence efforts.  Mental Health America of Boone County (MHABC) envisions a just, humane, and healthy society in which all people are accorded respect, dignity, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from mental health stigma and prejudice. Their mission is to promote and develop programs that provide safe refuge from traumatic life events and address the intellectual, emotional, physical, recreational, and cultural needs of the youth of Boone County and their families. 

Specifically, MHABC operates a domestic violence program that provides housing and supportive services for survivors of domestic violence and their families.  Often, survivors have been traumatized by the physical and emotional abuse they have suffered over the course of their relationship with the abuser. Because of the isolation survivors so often experience as a result of the abusive relationship, they are cut off from the rest of the world and made to feel like no one could possibly help them or believe them. This can lead to many related mental health issues, including PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, OCD, and panic disorder. This isolating feeling also contributes to the potential onslaught of the mental health issues mentioned above. On average, 24 people a minute are victims of physical violence, rape, or stalking by an intimate partner. That adds up to more than 12 million women and men a year. Generally, one in three women have experienced domestic violence in their lifetimes.

The funds requested and received from Women of Impact Boone County will fund programming for survivors of domestic violence that will allow them to connect with one another and receive the support they need to overcome the isolation they have experienced for so long. 

The Women of Impact grant will fund activities including connection events (such as Coffee and Connection) which will allow survivors to gather, do crafts together, talk and support one another, group holiday meals, outings for survivors and their families, educational and empowerment presentations featuring guest speakers, support groups, and many other events and activities designed to provide fulfillment and human connection for survivors and their families. Connection is the antidote to isolation, and through these activities, survivors will begin to heal from the isolation of abuse.

Katie Pollock

Senior Vice President, Mental Health America Boone County

In this picture, you can see a newly-created space available to the public as a way to honor domestic violence survivors. People can come sit and spend time as needed. There is a book bin that will be filled with domestic violence resources and will have a QR code on it to scan and fill out a form online for help.

To learn more about Mental Health America Boone County, visit or call (765) 482-3020 x103 to learn about current needs for domestic violence. 

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