Julie Reagan

Interim CEO

Julie serves the foundation in a variety of capacities, including development, marketing, and grant-making. She coordinates the Women of Impact group, has overseen scholarships and education, and is consistently raising overall awareness of the foundation. Julie enjoys meeting people, finding out their passion, and then figuring out how the foundation can partner alongside that passion to make a greater impact. She loves working for the foundation because it enables her to help others while being creative and utilizing the passions she has been given in life. It has always been in her heart to really truly make a difference. She believes that CFBC provides that opportunity for everybody, regardless of where you live, how much money you have, or what your passion is. Outside of the Foundation, she and her husband live in Lebanon with their two sons. As a family, they enjoy seeing new places, being active, and watching football. 

-“I wholeheartedly believe that a greater impact is made when people connect, come together, and work collectively as a whole.”