In March 2022, members of the Women of Impact (WoI) philanthropic giving group brought their passion to support local nonprofits together and voted Senior Citizens Inc. Lebanon as the 2022 first quarter grantee.

“The most important thing about the Senior Citizens Inc., Lebanon is the people”, says Rebecca Ottinger. “The support for each other through happy times and tough times is a fundamental outcome of having the center open.” Members start every event by saying the Pledge of Allegiance, as a sign of respect that the elderly of Boone County truly believe is needed and shows respect to member veterans. The members value friendship and spending time together at events such as their weekly game nights of euchre and bingo.

This wonderful organization is funded by membership dues, renting the building out for events, donations, grants, and their own events like game nights. Membership is for individuals who are 50 years old and up and costs $25 per year. The building is rented by community members for several types of events, including birthday and graduation parties. It’s a centrally located building providing a space for groups to gather. To inquire about renting the facility, call 765-482-0556.

The organization enjoys collaborating with and supporting others in the community. They have collected funds and made donations to Dusk to Dawn Bereavement Services, Jacob Pickett Memorial Fund, the Boone County Toy Drive, and more. They also allow families to use their building for funeral dinners.

You can support Senior Citizens Inc, Lebanon by donating these items anytime to them:

  • Liquid hand soap

  • Toilet paper

  • Paper towels

  • Pine-Sol

  • Dawn dishwashing soap

  • Toilet bowl cleaner

  • Computer paper

  • Stamps

To learn more about Senior Citizens In. Lebanon and how you can get involved, give them a call at 765-482-0556.

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