Recipient Resources

Congrats on being named a recipient of one of our scholarships!

Have you received a renewable scholarship?

Make sure you stay in touch with our Director of Scholarships, Ali Maxey. You’ll need to submit information to CFBC annually in the early summer to ensure your scholarship is disbursed for the next term.

Are you a Lilly Endowment Community Scholar?

We are going to be friends for at least the next ten years! While in college, as part of the scholarship program, you’ll need to submit a year-end report after the completion of each academic year. After that, both Independent Colleges of Indiana (ICI) and the Community Foundation of Boone County (CFBC) will maintain contact with you for annual updates on education and employment status. Stay in touch with us and we will help ensure you are compliant. Questions can be directed to Ali Maxey, our Director of Scholarships.

Also, make sure you join the Lilly Scholars Network (LSN), a volunteer service organization comprised of Lilly Endowment Community Scholars:

Have you completed your degree?

Let us know where you are now and where your career is heading! We love updating our scholarship fund advisors on the impact their award has had on recipients’ lives. Contact us today to share your story!

As a scholarship recipient, someone helped make it possible for you to pursue your higher education dream. Consider making a donation to one of our scholarship funds, to help a future student in their career goals and aspirations!

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