Outsized Impact: Illustrating the Power of Philanthropy Practiced with Few or No Staff.

The Foundation was honored to be featured in Outsized Impact 2016. A national publication from Exponent Philanthropy:

From Outsized Impact 2016, “These funders are achieving outsized impact—impact far beyond the size of their dollars or time—and via an entirely different kind of changemaking.”  page 23:

In central Indiana, residents have been catching glimpses of things that look like tall, slender humanoids. At the same time, local characters are coming together as a force for good, each bringing unique ideas and talents to the table.

Wait a minute: Is this about the Netflix hit Stranger Things, set in a fictional Indiana town? Actually, we’re talking about the tremendous work of the very real and not-at-all-strange Community Foundation of Boone County, based in Lebanon, Indiana. Back to those humanoids we mentioned… These “walking man” statues are a manifestation of a collaborative effort to build a more thriving culture within Boone County, and the unique statues are one small way that the foundation is working with local partners to celebrate what makes the area special and encourage citizens to explore the region. Sure, the Community Foundation of Boone County may be a small organization, but it knows full well that with the right partners (from governmental groups to local businesses to interested citizens), the right technology (in this case, MicroEdge FIMS accounting and endowment management solution), and some big ideas to enhance the vibrancy and improve the health of its community, they can prove that 1 + 1 can equal much more than 2.

The Community Foundation of Boone County looks at partnership as a key component of its ability to act as an agent of outsized impact. The foundation often takes on a role as a community change catalyst and convener. It partners with nonprofits and other key local organizations to fund big ideas, like the “walking man” statues, or connecting with the Arc of Greater Boone County to invest in programs that expand job opportunities for people across the community. In fact, the foundation is working with the Arc today on a program to help disabled high schoolers transition successfully into adulthood. With an eye to the future, the Community Foundation of Boone County is also looking at the importance of partnership through the lens of taking a leadership role in the community, and is working with MicroEdge to ensure its technology is positioned for the task. How? In particular, the foundation is using historical data from the MicroEdge system and community partner sources to inform the foundation’s decision making and proactive, results-oriented approach to tracking progress and measuring against intended outcomes.


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