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Our flexibility gives donors many options. We are here to honor your needs, interests, and desires and are happy to work with your financial and/or legal advisors to arrange a gift and/or fund that represents your best interests.

There are 7 types of funds into which you can direct an outright or planned gift. The type that works best for you and your charitable goals ultimately comes down to how involved you wish to be in making grants/distributions from your funds.

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Our Types of Funds


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Operational Funds

Provides support for the operations of the foundation.
These permanently endowed administrative funds support the operations of the Community Foundation of Boone County, forever. Gifts help provide resources to strengthen nonprofits, provide leadership and convening to address key issues in the community, and promote philanthropy throughout the county.

Operational funds provide an annual source of funds to cover foundation operating and program costs.

Community Impact Funds

Allows for flexible grantmaking, providing support as the needs of the county change.
For donors looking to increase the impact of your gift and put it to work to address our local unmet needs,  we recommend setting up a community impact fund. These funds entrust grantmaking to the Community Foundation of Boone County’s Grants Committee and Board of Directors to carefully vet applications and award grants to nonprofit organizations where they will have the greatest local impact.

For the donor looking for a trusted partner to aid them in their giving, these funds take the pressure off and offer a level of involvement driven by you in how to fund is initially established. The Community Foundation of Boone County then assumes a level of responsibility for directing grants so that they can be channeled quickly and where they will have the greatest impact.

Field of Interest Funds

Funds are disbursed to nonprofits within your desired field of charitable work.
Perhaps you know which charitable interest or geographic area you want to support, but don’t want to limit your grantmaking to one organization. Or maybe you want to have the flexibility to award to different nonprofits addressing the same unmet need. With a field of interest fund, you can choose to support the purpose or place most important to you – for example, arts and culture, education, youth development, a specific community – the choice is up to you.

The Community Foundation of Boone County oversees your contributions and, with your guidance and input, ensures that grants are made to organizations addressing your designated interest.<

Designated Funds

Permanently supports your chosen charitable organization.
One of our most simple and effortless fund offerings is a designated fund, which allows you to identify one or more qualified nonprofits or projects as beneficiaries to receive income from your permanent fund providing ongoing annual support to your favorite causes.

For many donors, this is an ideal way to endow annual giving to organizations they have supported over the years. It is especially popular among bequest donors who want their gift to keep on giving reliably, well into the future, and beyond their lifetimes. Your gift can address either immediate or long-term needs, and we will handle all asset management and disbursements.

30th Anniversary Endowment Fund

Scholarship Funds

Help others reach their dreams of higher education.
Assist local residents in pursuing educational goals and help them achieve their academic aspirations by creating your own designated scholarship fund. Your fund will help Boone County students attain higher education by generating one grant annually for a particular community or specific institution, and you can specify criteria for scholarship awards.

Donor Advised Funds

You recommend which nonprofits receive your funds.
With a donor advised fund, you can leave the logistics and hassles to us and enjoy a simpler giving process. You can also involve future generations of your family with successor advisors, providing a great way to get younger generations involved in philanthropy early in life. As a donor advised fund advisor, you submit your grant recommendation to the CFBC team via our online portal, which is then approved by our Board of Directors. Once approved, the grant is sent out to your requested grantee. We take care of tracking grantees, processing payments, and reporting. All of the joy of giving with none of the administration.

No matter the type of fund, grants from the Community Foundation of Boone County focus in on these 7 areas of impact

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