In a rollercoaster economy, CFBC remains resolute in fulfilling grants to help nonprofits address local, unmet needs.

In 2022, 77 nonprofits received grants to address local needs and 62 local students received scholarships to pursue their educational dreams.

But we still have more unmet, local needs to fill.

We address every need from

homelessness to food insecurity,

literacy to mental health,

and animals to the arts

for every citizen in Boone County,

from our youngest children all the way to our beloved seniors.


Our donation process is smooth and easy, no matter the type of gift.

Give online or mail in your gift today!

There is still time to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from a retirement account. Many donors choose this tax-beneficial donation to make a lasting local impact.

There are many areas in our local communities that need your support. Any amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated to continue helping others.


Humbly grateful,