Scholarship to honor Isenhowers being established at The Community Foundation of Boone County

Boone County residents suffered a profound loss when beloved community leaders, Charles “Richard” & Patricia “Pat” Isenhower, were killed in a car accident in March of 2015.

Pat & Richard’s volunteer work in the community was constant and for the most part, quiet. Pat worked as a nurse, educator and administrator at Witham Hospital for 43 years. Richard worked as a farmer and a Boone REMC employee. Both served on multiple boards and dedicated their time to helping others. Angie, the Isenhower’s daughter, said her parents were, “Good people who did the right thing just because it was the right thing to do. They didn’t seek attention for their work, they just did what was right.” The Isenhower’s especially looked out for and sought to mentor “that kid”. “Father was always trying to find opportunities for that kid and he didn’t mean “that kid” in a derogatory way. That kid meant those children in our community who have so much potential but face adversity, challenges or difficult life situations and if given the right opportunities, that kid could really go places.”

Angie and her brother, Rick Isenhower, knew their parents were wonderful, caring people – but even they were in awe when they watched as over a thousand people visited their parents’ funeral services to pay their respects and to say good-bye. As they visited with those in attendance, they began to hear story after story of the deep and profound impact that their parents’ lives had on others. Pat and Richard were pillars of leadership in Boone County. They shared a passion for helping others and embodied what it means to give back.

One year after Pat and Richard’s passing, the entire community, family and friends, joined the Isenhower children to celebrate their parent’s legacy and established the Isenhower Family Educational Scholarship Fund. An hors d’oeuvres reception was held at Ulen County Club on March 11th, with a program featuring AVID teacher, Mrs. Tate. Mrs. Tate shared stories of “that kid” and how this scholarship will make a difference in the lives of students she teaches.

This scholarship differs from others in that it will seek to help students who have significant barriers and financial struggles but who have shown the ability to overcome obstacles and adversity.  The Fund will provide scholarships to the students who need it the most—taking recommendations from educators and community leaders who will know “that kid.” Priority will be given to students participating in the Lebanon Grad Coach and AVID programs at Lebanon High School and financial need will be considered. The Isenhower legacy will give “that kid” in our community the financial ability to pursue his or her educational dreams and will empower educators to be on the look-out for a student with great potential. President and CEO of Community Foundation of Boone County stated, “It’s so fitting that through this endowment, the Isenhower’s life work will go on forever and we are honored to help make it happen.”

Gifts in Richard and Pat’s memory may be sent to the Community Foundation of Boone County, Isenhower Family Education Fund, 102 N. Lebanon St, Ste 200, Lebanon, IN 46052 or at