July 28th, 2015

Megan Suzanne Hammerle Memorial Scholarship Fund receives $10,780.00 from 5K and additional $1K from Megan Hammerle Day

When Megan Hammerle died on February 13, 2015 from a rare form of meningitis, her friends and family were left shocked and devastated. Megan was just 18 and a runner; a freshman at DePauw. “It was just hard,” said Megan’s friend, Lian Ottinger.  “I called my coach because I was just a mess, and she said, ‘is there anything you can think of that we could do for her?’ And I said ‘why don’t we do a memorial 5K?’”

Friends and fellow runners from Lebanon High School, along with others who knew Megan best, soon turned their mourning into a mission. They immediately began planning the Megan Hammerle Memorial 5K. The May 9th event surpassed expectations, with over 450 participants. This week, the Community Foundation of Boone County was presented with the results of their hard work.  $10,780 will be added to the Megan Suzanne Hammerle Memorial Scholarship Fund, a fund that will honor Megan’s generous spirit, forever.

Megan’s Scholarship has received an additional $1,000, raised at Lebanon Dairy Queen during Megan Hammerle Day. When Megan was working the drive thru at the Lebanon Dairy Queen during the summer of 2014, she witnessed a Random Act of Kindness (RAK). A customer paid for the order behind them and this “RAK” continued on through the next 20+ customers.  “Megan was a kind and loving young woman and this act of kindness made a huge impression on her”, said Megan’s mom, Amy. In honor of Megan’s Birthday or “Megan Hammerle Day”, family and friends asked others to do a “RAK” in memory of Megan’s generous and kind spirit. Megan was honored and remembered across the country by random acts of kindness.

You can learn more about Megan’s legacy of spreading kindness at www.facebook.com/meganhammerleday