Zionsville Middle School has a creative new way of fundraising…with a gumball machine.

Inspired by miniature artist, Lorraine Loots and her 360 Postcard for Ants, Zionsville Middle School created the art project, The Art of Miniatures. Students generated a number of different miniatures such as stickers, buttons, magnets, and temporary tattoos to put into little capsules that were then placed in a gumball machine to be sold at the end of the school year. Students filled around 100 capsules with not only their mini work of art, but a gumball as well. Selling at 50 cents each, the students decided that the proceeds from gumball machine would go towards the school’s Best Buddies program to fund the purchase of items for their bake shop. Overall, the students enjoyed making the mini’s, especially the shrink it’s, buttons, and friendship bracelets.

Zionsville Middle School is a recipient of the 2014 Mini Art Grant from the Community Arts Endowment supported by the Back to the Fifties Festival. The school was able to purchase the vending machine and capsules with the funds from the grant.

Art teacher, Jennifer Gibson says, “I would definitely continue this project in the future!” And we hope they do!


The Mini Art Grant cycle will reopen in the fall. To support the Community Arts Endowment click here and select DONATE NOW to a specific endowment fund