In June of 2014, Judge Jeffrey Edens issued an Order to establish the Boone County Youth Assistance Program (BCYAP).  Modeled after a successful program in Hamilton County, BCYAP’s mission is to serve as an early intervention advocate for youth ages 3-17 facing challenging life circumstances.  The Community Foundation awarded the Zionsville Youth Assistance Program $20,000 to support operations as the new program is implemented.

Zionsville is the first community in Boone County to implement the program.  The Zionsville Youth Assistance Program (ZYAP) will connect existing local community resources with families and children in need.  Local schools and community members can submit referrals to ZYAP, who in turn will contact the family.  Participation in the ZYAP is strictly voluntary.  If a family agrees to participate in the program, ZYAP will work with the family to find a holistic approach to the challenges they face. As long as the family demonstrates a need and has a child ages 3-17 in the home, ZYAP will continue to serve them.  Once the program is established in Zionsville, ZYAP will assist the Lebanon and Western Boone communities in creating their own local chapters.

According to 2013 United States Census data, Zionsville is estimated to have a population of 25,115, with 31.6% under age 18.  In 2014, the Indiana Department of Education reported 323 children in Zionsville schools receive free or reduced lunch and 811 have special needs, up from 319 and 711 respectively in 2013.

To meet the needs of these children and their families, ZYAP will connect families with resources such as tutoring programs, health providers, businesses, and the faith community, along with other local resources they can use to meet their needs.  ZYAP will keep families intact, foster education, increase graduation rates and decrease involvement in the juvenile justice system and recidivism.

The Community Foundation is pleased to support The Zionsville Youth Assistance Program in their efforts to meet the needs of families living in Boone County.  The grant was made possible through The Jay Martin Fund for Children, a field of interest fund at the Community Foundation.


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