In 2020, CFBC awarded $125,000 to 17 participating nonprofits through a community matching grant initiative to meet the broad, increased needs in Boone County caused by COVID-19. The goal of this initiative was to partner with several Boone County nonprofits to address their needs and the Boone County residents they serve. Due to the success of the program in 2020 and the increasing local needs, CFBC is continuing this program in 2021.

CFBC received applications from 27 nonprofit organizations for the 2021 community match grant program- a 55% increase from 2020. Due to current and past generous donors, CFBC is able to award the matching grant in various amounts to all eligible applicants, a total of $172,500- an increase of almost $50,000 since 2020!  The participating organizations will raise matching funds during August 1-October 29, 2021.

“We are grateful to those who have believed and continue to believe in the work of the Community Foundation of Boone County”, said Jodi Gietl, President & CEO for the Community Foundation of Boone County. “Because of their support, we are able to today link arms with 27 of our beloved and dedicated nonprofits and help them continue forward in their missions to address needs throughout the county, serving the 67,000 residents of Boone County today and beyond.”

Now is the time for community members to support the nonprofits who work to impact the many Boone County residents they serve. Every dollar donated to the participating nonprofits directly will be matched, up to the maximum amount awarded. The 27 nonprofit organizations participating in the matching grant are listed below. Click their name to go to their website, learn more about the organization, and donate.

Want to help but not sure which organization to give to? Consider donating to our Community Impact Fund, one of the largest funds we manage. Dollars from this fund are used to address the ever-changing needs of Boone County through a variety of granting methods, including the community matching grant program! Click here to give to the Community Impact Fund today.


Since 1991, the Community Foundation of Boone County has granted over $27 million from its various funds to nonprofit organizations and programs working to solve critical challenges in Boone County. Through the generosity of donors, the Foundation currently holds over $28 million in assets and awards an average of $1 million back into the local community each year. In the past 30 years, we have worked with donors to create permanent funds for charitable giving. The establishment and growth of permanent endowment funds will strengthen Boone County for generations to come.