Boone County Mentoring Partnership, Boone Impact Grant $50,000

Our largest grant of the fall cycle is awarded to the Boone County Mentoring Partnership (BCMP), formerly known as the Boone County Mentoring Initiative. This initiative, which provides mentoring programs and opportunities to Boone County youth, was launched in 2009 with the support of the Community Foundation of Boone County.  Its mission is to develop the life skills and educational achievement of local youth by ensuring that they are connected with a caring and supportive adult who can help them realize their dreams and potential.

The BCMP Board is a collaboration of community leaders and direct youth service providers.  More than six years after its initial formation as an advisory council, all of the original officers and members of the Boone County Mentoring Partnership remain invested in the success and positive impact of youth mentoring.

Stated by BCMP Board President, Teresa Susong, “This program really points to our community’s success for blending talents in a sustained commitment, which has inspired support. We want to bring awareness and deeper insights into the potential of at-risk students. Mentoring can help our at-risk student’s transition from a potential outcome of dependency to and engaging and productive future full of opportunity.”

This seed money will help the BCMP work toward the next stage of their development as they establish their new 501(c)3 and focus on maintaining current youth mentoring programs and forming new partnerships in Boone County. This project was funded by the Jay Martin Fund for Children and the Community Impact Fund of the Community Foundation.

Photo: Jen Pendleton—CFBC CEO & President, Dr. Robert Taylor—Lebanon School Superintendent , Mike Martin-Mentor and Founding Board Member, Kandi Killin-Founding Board Member, Teresa Susong –Board President and Founding Board member, Mayor Huck Lewis-Founding Board Member, Judge Jeff Edens—Founding Board Member, Kevin O’Rourke—Founding Board Member, Lori Schroeder-Lebanon High School Grand Coach, Ann Christopher-Interim Mentoring Director, Betsy Dulhanty-Lebanon Middle School SOS teacher. Not pictured, Dr. Ray Ingham—founding member.


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