As a community resource, we are here to support the more than 175 current nonprofits serving Boone County. If you are forming a new nonprofit that will serve Boone County, we are here to help! Check out the below four steps to get you started.

Step 1: Do Your Research
Before starting your organization, first, do a search to ensure an organization with a similar mission and goals does not already exist in Boone County. Have you thought of a name for your organization? Once you have a name, establish your mission and think about who would be on your board of directors.

Step 2: File the Proper Paperwork in Indiana
There are a number of different documents you will need to complete. This is a good time to reach out to a local accountant or attorney who works with nonprofits to help with the process. The documents you will need include:

  • Bylaws & Articles of Incorporation
  • Apply for an EIN (Employer Identification Number)
  • Apply for tax-exempt status with IRS Form 1023
  • File IRS Form 990
  • Obtain other licenses and any necessary permits

Step 3: Establish Organizational Processes
Before you can execute your mission, which is the fun part, go ahead and organize all your important documents in one place. Create a conflict-of-interest policy and create your organization’s culture.

Step 4: Let Us Know
Once you have your letter of determination from the IRS, contact us. We will add you to our network of nonprofits serving Boone County and get you connected. CFBC will let you know about annual grant opportunities, connect you with other fellow nonprofit leaders, and more!

We look forward to seeing the impact you and your organization will make in Boone County! 

Please note these steps do not constitute legal or tax advice.

ABOUT THE COMMUNITY FOUNDATION OF BOONE COUNTY Since 1991, the Community Foundation of Boone County has granted over $29 million from its various funds to nonprofit organizations and programs working to solve critical challenges in Boone County. Through the generosity of donors, the Community Foundation currently holds over $30 million in net assets. In the past 32 years, we have worked with donors to create permanent funds for charitable giving. Establishing and growing permanent endowment funds will strengthen Boone County for generations to come.