2023 Annual Report

Make a difference. Make it here.

The Power of Philanthropy

Our Mission

Uniting people, organizations, and philanthropy to create a thriving community for all.

Our History

Founded in 1991 by a group of caring and passionate Boone County residents, an initial amount of $15,000, and funds from Lilly Endowment Inc. with the goal of building resources that would benefit nonprofits and residents of Boone County forever. Today, CFBC holds more than $32 million in assets and has granted more than $30 million to nonprofit organizations and programs working to solve critical challenges in Boone County.

Our Values

Empower & Engage

We engage the community and educate citizens on how they can make a difference here at home.

Strategic & Ethical Stewardship

We invest in the people, programs, and organizations that transform lives and communities.

Collaborative Leadership

We lead a vision for collaborative solutions to address the root causes of challenges facing our community in diverse and equitable ways.

Grantmaking and giving Since 1991

in grants awarded
$ 0 M
grants awarded
unique recipients
unique donors

2023 was an impactful year for us. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and partners, our net assets exceeded $32 million for the first time in our 33-year history, and we received more than $770,000 in philanthropic contributions.

Meet Our Team

Our staff and board members are dedicated to fostering positive change and community growth. Their commitment and passion are instrumental in driving impactful initiatives and making meaningful contributions to our community.

Community Leadership

We have a strong group of community partners and volunteers who support our Staff and Board to make everything we do possible. Looking ahead, we are excited about the path in front of us!

We thank our community partners, volunteers & advisory groups for their partnership And support.

Our Supporters

Amazon Distribution Center

Marc Applegate

Susan Austin

Backroads BBQ

Cheryl Bailey

Brandon Baltz

Aron Batts

Brett Bayston

Mark Bohannon

Boone County Chamber

Boone County Convention & Visitors


Boone County Economic Development


Boone County Senior Services Inc.

Kate Brazzale

Lexy Britt

Angie Caldwell

Mike Caldwell

Capital Cities

Chick-Fil-A Whitestown

Cara Chittenden

Circle City Digital

City of Lebanon

Current in Zionsville

Deep End Talent Strategies

Joe DeVries

Courtney Dillon

Kaleb Dimiceli

Shelby Dimiceli

Zoey Dimiceli

Bela Dubash

Dull’s Tree Farm

Kaitie Duncan

Tom Easterday

Edward Jones

Edwards Realty Group

Blice Edwards

Robbin Edwards

Eli Lilly and Company

Dale Fallat

Phyllis Ferrell

Pascal Fettig

Finley Creek Vineyards

Dan Fleck


Grace 4 U Contracting

Jennifer Griggs

Allyson Gutwein

Gary Heck

Dio Hernandez

Tracey Horth Krueger

Rae Hostetler

Hotel Tango Zionsville

Tiffany Howard

Anne Hudson


Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

Jacquie’s Catering

Jamestown Community Partnership

Jamestown Journal

Jacob Jones

Nadia Jones

Gwen Kaser

Joy Kaylor

Klooz Brewz

LA Cafe

Lebanon Community School Corporation

Lebanon Educational Foundation

Lebanon Kiwanis

Lebanon Police Department

Lebanon Public Library

Lebanon Reporter

Lebanon Rotary

Leedy’s Trophy Center, Inc.

Bill Leeke

Lilly Endowment Inc.

Dee Lindsay

LovinLebanon Podcast

Ben D. Maxey

Ben M. Maxey

Reagan Maxey

Courtney McCollum

Wendy McMann

Meridian Title

Heather Michalke

Jim Michalke

Miller Brooks

Moontown Brewing Company

Nameless Catering

Craig Parks

Parr Richey Frandsen Patterson Kruse

Katie Pollock

Liz Qua

Rob Ramey

Cody Reagan

Katie Reasoner

Bailee Reynolds

Suzy Rich

Marcia Rosenfeld

Shannon Ross

Brandi Russell-Eastwood

Matt & Heather Schaller

Jennifer Scott

Jill Sibila

Barb Slegers-Hudson

State Bank

Stifel Investments—John Schmidt

Stookey’s Restaurant

Strawmyer & Drury Mortuary

The Caring Center

Michele Thomas

Mark Thornburg

Town of Whitestown

Town of Zionsville


Mike Trojnar

Ulen Country Club

Tamara Weaver

Bob Wesseler

Western Boone County Community School


Western Boone Education Foundation

What’s up Boone County

Whitestown Police Department

Matt Wilson

Kirsten Wujek

Cynthia Young

Zionsville Chamber of Commerce

Zionsville Community Schools

Zionsville Education Foundation

Zionsville Monthly Magazine

Zionsville Parks Department

Zionsville Police Department

Susan Austin | Executive Director, Humane Society for Boone County

A group of concerned citizens was worried about animal welfare, so they started the Humane Society for Boone County in 2007… from scratch. It was the help and guidance from the Community Foundation of Boone County that helped the organization continue to search out additional revenue streams to help grow the capacity of volunteers, and be able to reach out and do more in the community.

“It’s important for every nonprofit to develop and maintain a good relationship with CFBC,” says Austin. “They are the biggest compiler of all nonprofit resources in the county and provide so many different tools for nonprofits to use as they’re working through grants or processes. They are constantly trying to develop and enhance and continue to grow in the county.”

“I can’t say thank you enough, Community Foundation of Boone County, for your support and the tool set you bring and provide for local nonprofits.”

Boone County Nonprofit network

Boone County Nonprofit Network offers opportunities to connect and collaborate with nonprofit peers serving Boone County.

In 2023, the Boone County Nonprofit Network was joined by 125 attendees, who came together to learn, collaborate, and network together on the topics of Connect Boone County, Grantwriting, Fundraising & Fundraisers, and Human Resources.

Connect Boone County

Connect Boone County (CBC) stemmed off our 2019 community needs assessment, when residents told us what they like about living in Boone County and what they see as our greatest needs. Top needs varied widely town to town, but one item hit home for all—disconnection. The needs assessment process showed us that people craved to come together. Residents and nonprofit organizations wanted to collaborate. They all wanted to connect. Hence, the creation of Connect Boone County.

Since its inception in 2021, more than 300 volunteer and donation opportunities have been listed on Connect Boone County by Boone County-serving nonprofits. CFBC continues to develop new relationships through Connect Boone County. Community partners, old and new, understand and value the importance of CBC as a tool to bring our community together. We are encouraged to see the growth of this program and look forward to seeing the progress we will make in 2024. You can help us develop Connect Boone County by sharing it with your friends, family, neighbors, coworkers—anyone who wants to help locally!

Women Of Impact

Women coming together to
make a local difference.

Women of Impact Boone County is a philanthropic women’s group designed to provide financial support for local nonprofit organizations, while creating a sense of community. Each member donates annually— the amount based on the membership type—to support the four nonprofits selected by the members throughout the year.

Joining Women of Impact is a commitment to bettering our community, together. Each member’s donation is not just money—it’s creating ripple effects in our community.

Since our inception in 2017, our group has collectively granted a total of $302,420 to Boone County-serving nonprofits!

Health & Human Services
$ 0
Youth Development
$ 0
Community Development
$ 0
$ 0
Arts & Culture
$ 0

Jennifer Scott | Steering Committee Member, Women of Impact Boone County

Jennifer has been a member of Women of Impact Boone County since the group’s inception in 2017 and says it’s the most rewarding thing she has been a part of. “I tell everyone it’s my four favorite times of the year. We come together, hear from nonprofits, pick the nonprofit, and make a grant decision in one hour.”

“If you’re not yet a member of Women of Impact, my question to you is, why not? Make the financial commitment, join with your bestie if you want, and then join us for the four greatest nights of the year!”

Many thanks to our 2023 Sponsors AND Women of Impact Steering Committee Members:

Angie Caldwell

Robbin Edwards

Phyllis Ferrell

Paula Hudson

Katie Reasoner

Heather Schaller

Jennifer Scott

Meet Our Funds &
See The Impact

Explore our funds by fund type and see the breakdown of how The $1.1 million was awarded to the community.

We provide a diverse range of funds tailored to meet the unique philanthropic goals of our donors. From unrestricted community impact funds supporting broad community initiatives, to donor advised funds empowering individuals to direct their giving, we offer opportunities for impactful and sustainable giving.

The impact of the $1.1 million is awarded through Operational Funds, Community Impact Funds, Field of Interest Funds, Agency Funds, Donor Advised Funds, Designated Funds, and Scholarship Funds.

Helps others reach their dreams of higher education.

• Allen F. Wharry Memorial Endowment

• Andrew Baker Scholarship

• Annabelle and Maurice Platt Nursing Scholarship

• Ashley C. Thompson ACTion

• Ben Brimmer Arts Scholarship

• Bobby Hysong Memorial Scholarship

• Boone County Agricultural Scholarship

• Brad Houser Zionsville Tennis Scholarship Fund

• Buren Endowment Fund

• Carl H. Witt Scholarship

• Charles “Pete” Paddock Scholarship

• Charlotte Carr Tyre Scholarship

• Community Foundation of Boone County Fund to Benefit Scholarship Programming

• Curt Emanuel 4-H Scholarship Fund

• Darrell Portell 4-H Scholarship

• Entrepreneurial Scholarship in honor of Lloyd & Jane Taylor

• Eugene O. & Mabel Higgins Scholarship Fund

• Family Music Studio Scholarship

• Florence Gruver Memorial Scholarship

• Frances and Ron Lind Nursing Scholarship

• Haines Family Scholarship Fund

• Harold and Evelyn Rice Scholarship

• Harold Eugene Wagner Wrestling Scholarship

• Heather Cline Football Scholarship Fund

• Heather Cline Healthcare Scholarship Fund

• Isenhower Family Educational Fund

• Jake and John Whitney Roth Memorial Scholarship Fund

• James Holman Carr and Pauline Neel Carr Scholarship

• Jay Martin Vocational Scholarship Fund

• Jerry Erskine Family Rotary Educational Fund

• Jerry R. Cunningham Jr. Memorial Scholarship

• Joseph K. Tyre and Charlotte Carr Tyre Scholarship

• Knebel Nursing Scholarship

• Lawrence & Nellie Bailey Scholarship Fund

• Leah Cooper McMillan Memorial Softball Scholarship

• Lebanon Class of 1966 Scholarship Fund

• Lenox Family Scholarship Fund

• Megan Suzanne Hammerle Memorial Scholarship

• Ms. Dorothy Roby & Yolanda Cox Scholarship

• Norma and Ed Castetter Memorial Endowment

• Oliver L. Warner Educational Scholarship Fund established by Jeff H. Thomasson

• Pliny & Mildred Randall Scholarship for WeBo

• Psi Iota Xi, Omega Chapter, Malpas Scholarship

• Rachael Fiege Zionsville Women’s Soccer Memorial Scholarship

• Stonehill Scholarship Fund

• Tate Eugenio Memorial Scholarship Fund

• The Richard H. Crosser Memorial Scholarship Fund

• The Science, Technology, Engineering, Agriculture, and Math Award

• Theodore Husting Morden D.P.M. Wrestling Scholarship Fund

• Thomas E. Gruhl Scholarship

• Thomas Slama Scholarship for Medical Studies

• Todd Getty Memorial Mental Attitude Award

• Tom Bauman Memorial Scholarship

• Vocal Music Scholarship in Honor of Aaron & Cathy Coates & in Memory of Lindsay Van Dyke

• Zionsville Community High School Distance

  Running Scholarship Fund

• Zionsville Optimist Fund

• Zionsville Volunteer Fire Dept—Larry K. Rust Memorial Scholarship

0 K

Permanently supports your chosen charitable organization.

• Albert F. & Ann Graham Family Fund

• American Legion Post 79—Jack Clark Scholarship

• Bill C. and Mary F. Duncan Endowment Fund

• Boone County Child Advocacy Center Fund

• Bree Wilson Memorial Endowment Fund

• Brick Street Poetry Fund

• Centenary United Methodist Church—Lebanon

• Doyle – Winchester Memorial Fund

• Elizabeth Dillon Endowment Fund

• First Baptist Church—Lebanon Endowment

• Gerald L. Limp Educational Endowment

• Gerald L. Limp Leadership Endowment

• Glen L. Harlos and Mildred M. Harlos Fund

• Greater Jamestown Area Fund

• Henry C. Ulen Foundation Fund

• James M., Jr. & Dorothy S. Leffel Memorial Endowment

• Jamestown Christian Church

• Jamestown IOOF Cemetery

• Jamestown United Methodist Church

• Jim and Frances Capps Scholarship Fund

• Joe and Barb Krier Foundation Fund

• John W. and Charlene C. Roth-Hill School Fund

• Kappa Kappa Kappa (Alpha Beta Chapter)

• Kiwanis Lincoln Park Concert Fund

• Lane Trust For Boone County United Way

• Lebanon & Greater Boone County Park Foundation Endowment

• Lebanon High School Steinway Piano & Choral Music Endowment

• Lebanon Rotary Club Fund

• Mark and Elizabeth Hull Memorial Fund

• Michael T. Hodges Musical Instrument Endowment Fund

• Milledgeville Methodist Church—Charles S. Mayes Fund

• Natural Resources Education Endowment

• Oak Hill Cemetery Fund

• Patricia Smith Foster Jackson Township Fund

• Patrick Henry Sullivan Foundation Fund

• Ruth Burrus Homemakers Fund

• Sagamore Student Leadership Initiative, Inc. Endowment

• St. Mark’s Lutheran Church Fund

• State Bank Endowed Fund for Boone County

• Stookeys 4-H Fund

• SullivanMunce Cultural Center Fund

• Sydney Foster Endowment Fund

• Thorntown Keewasakee Trail

• Tri-Area Library Endowment

• Vawter Family Foundation

• Wes Jones Awakening Fund

• Wesseler Family Fund

• Western Boone Education Foundation

• Yandall C. Cline 1st Amendment Freedom Fund for Hoosier State Press Association

• Zionsville Band and Orchestra Musical Instrument Endowment Fund

• Zionsville Booster Club Endowment Fund

• Zionsville Education Foundation Endowment

• Zionsville Lions Club—Park Maintenance

• Zionsville Lions Park Guthrie Playground Maintenance Fund

• Zionsville Police Department K-9 Fund

Allows for flexible grantmaking, providing support as needs of the county change.

• Community Impact Fund

• Doc Hardin Legacy Fund

• Eugene O. and Mabel Higgins Trust Fund of the Community Foundation of Boone County

• Hutoka Lacey Estate Fund

• Joe and Barb Krier Legacy Fund

• Mike Caldwell Family Fund

• Mr. and Mrs. John H. Holliday Fund

• Robert and Victoria Wesseler Family Foundation Fund

• Smithville Charitable Fund

You recommend which nonprofits receive your funds.

• Anne’s Angel of Hope Fund

• Applegate Family Fund

• Avelena Fund of the Wm. Higgins Trust

• Bayston Family Fund

• Burrus Family Fund

• Dean Ryan Barrett Memorial Missions Endowment

• Easterday Family Fund

• Fleck Family Foundation Fund

• Frances Pettijohn Memorial Fund

• Heck Family Fund

• Jamia Jasper Jacobsen Family Fund

• Jared Kerr Memorial Fund

• Keenan Family Foundation

• Maplelawn Farmstead Fund

• MK Jacobsen DVM Pet Therapy Endowment Fund

• Nelson Family Foundation Fund

• Pete & Henrietta Hudson Charitable Family Fund

• Pratt Family Fund

• Schroeder Family Fund

• Sease Family Fund

• Sheets Cemetery Fund

• Sutphin Family Fund

• Terrill Family Fund

• The Long Family Trust

• Thomas G. Rake Memorial Fund

• Tri-Area Library Inc. Building Fund

• Tri-Area Library, Inc. Perpetual Income Fund

• Wolff Family Fund

• Zeckel Family Charitable Remainder Fund

• Zeckel Family Endowment Fund

Provides support for the operations of the foUndation.

• 30th Anniversary Endowment Fund

• Board of Directors Endowment Fund

• Bob and Beth Casselman Family Fund

• Dan Quayle Charity Golf Tournament

• Ingham Family Fund

• Tom Koppelman Legacy Leadership Fund

• William Jennings Administrative Fund for CFBC

Funds are disbursed to nonprofits within your desired field of charitable work.

• Aaron Stookey Spirit of Philanthropy Award

• Boje Environmental Fund

• Boone County Fund for Youth

• Boone County Pre-school Endowment Fund

• Community Arts Endowment

• Jay Martin Underprivileged Children’s Fund

• Lionel Dubay Youth Sports Award

• Snepp Family Historical Fund

• Suzanne’s Fund For Children

• Tabitha Fund for the Underserved

• Wayne L. Smith Fund

• Women’s Fund of Boone County

Elmer Parks Named 2023 Aaron Stookey Spirit of Philanthropy Award Recipient

Established in 1996, the Aaron Stookey Spirit of Philanthropy Fund is named after Aaron Stookey to recognize individuals or businesses in our community who are exemplary in their philanthropic activities. The recipient then names a nonprofit organization to receive a grant from the fund. Elmer Parks was named the 2023 Aaron Stookey Spirit of Philanthropy Award Recipient.

“Elmer spent countless hours leading others; counseling employees and friends in times of trouble, pain, and suffering; mentoring young people who just needed a friend; and giving generously in ways that made a difference in many lives. Elmer never pursued fame or notoriety but lived life joyously. He did things for others quietly and without fanfare, which were life-changing for many.” In his honor, Elmer’s family awarded a grant to Boone County Mentoring Partnership.

Andrew Manna Named 2023 Lionel Dubay Youth Sports Award Recipient

The Lionel Dubay Youth Sports Award was established in 1993 by Lionel Dubay‘s wife Gwen, his friends, and community donations to continue his legacy. Lionel was a vital parent and supporter of youth sports in Zionsville. Every year, this award recognizes someone who has made an ongoing commitment to Zionsville youth sports, who then names a nonprofit youth sports organization to receive a grant from the fund. Andrew Manna was named the 2023 Lionel Dubay Youth Sports Award Recipient.

“Zionsville is lucky to count Andrew Manna as one of its many servant leaders working toward providing a positive and foundational experience to all youth athletes. Manna has modeled the way so clearly for all who follow in his footsteps, allowing each of us to achieve more. Because of him, we can cheer louder, throw farther, block better and score more. But more than that, we can call ourselves one team. One Zionsville. One Football Town. We are lucky to nominate him.” Manna selected the Zionsville Football Club as the grant recipient.


• AgrIInstitute Endowment Fund

• Arc of Greater Boone County Endowment

• Avelena Fund for Boone County Senior Services, Inc.

• Boone County 4-H Club, Inc.

• Boone County Cancer Society Endowment

• Boone County Leadership

• Boone County Mentoring Partnership Endowment

• Center Stage Community Theatre Endowment

• Crossroads of America Council, Boy Scouts of America

• Down Syndrome Indiana Inc. Fund

• GLR Trust for Rainbow Valley Children’s Home

• Humane Society for Boone County Endowment

• Lebanon Boys & Girls Club Endowment

• Lebanon Community of Shalom Endowment

• Maplelawn Farmstead Endowment

• Morning Dove Therapeutic Riding Fund

• Sugar Creek Art Center Endowment

• The Caring Center Endowment

• Zionsville Boys & Girls Club Endowment

• Zionsville Cultural District (ZCD) Arts Endowment Agency Fund

All of our funds impact THESE areas of need:

See the impact our funds are making in our community

Wendy Deras | Former CFBC Scholarship Recipient

As a Latina first-generation college student, Wendy Deras navigated the process of applying to college, filling out the FAFSA, finding an apartment to live in, and more, on her own. When applying for schools, she knew there would be a chance that she got accepted and wouldn’t be able to attend due to finances—until she received the Eugene O. & William Higgins Scholarship from the Community Foundation of Boone County. “The scholarship gave me hope. My fear slowly faded knowing that I didn’t have to do it alone.”

Wendy was named a Eugene O. & William Higgins Scholarship recipient in 2020. She credits this scholarship as the reason she was able to get a four-year degree, as opposed to going to community college until she could save enough money to go to a four-year school. “Thanks to the Eugene O. & Williams Higgins Scholarship, I’m able to invest my time on activities that fill my soul and help me pursue my passion for helping others by volunteering, pursuing research, and helping at clinics. Every semester, this scholarship pays my tuition and, coming from a big family with two parents who work so hard to provide a fruitful life for my sisters and me, we are appreciative of the financial burden it relieves.”

Being a scholarship recipient has made Wendy value the importance of her work more, and she is dedicated to making Boone County proud of her as the chosen recipient. She has pride knowing she’s representing the Boone County community with her leadership and efforts to pursue a higher education. She appreciates knowing the community views her education as an investment.

“I will be the first in my family to pursue a higher education, the first in my family to show women that they belong in science, and the first in my family who will have a white collar job. And I am proud of that! Latinos are meant to exist in higher education and I want to be a testament to the fact that we can not only exist in these spaces, but we can thrive in them.”

Wendy will graduate May 2024 with a B.S. in Biology and a minor in Social Science and Medicine. She plans to take a gap year to do biomedical research and will begin applying to M.D./Ph.D programs this upcoming May, in hopes of studying to be an OB/GYN with a Ph.D. in HPV or HIV biomedical research. Wendy’s advice to future applicants and recipients is to take every opportunity given to you, because you will never know if you are ready for something until you are experiencing it.

“If you are in a situation where you feel like you are unworthy of your education and like you don’t belong, remember that if you did not deserve to be there, you wouldn’t have been given the opportunity.”

Angie Eugenio | FUND ADVISOR

Tate had a passion for music and the Eugenio’s wanted an opportunity to continue to celebrate Tate and his memory, as well as bring awareness to the issues of mental health and mental illness.

Last year, Tate’s mother, Angie Eugenio coordinated the local event, Music 2 Heal, which showcased the local talent of bands and soloists, while also raising awareness of mental illness. All of the bands had friends of Tate in them. It was an incredible three-hour evening full of talent and gave three nonprofits the opportunity to raise awareness of mental illness: American Foundation of Suicide Prevention, National Alliance of Mental Illness, and Zionsville Alliance for Mental Wellness (ZAMWELL).

Eugenio, who is also the Fund Advisor for the Tate Eugenio Memorial Scholarship Fund said, “The Community Foundation of Boone County is a great resource for us and they’ve been wonderful to work with, incredibly compassionate, and their kindness and their hearts are so evident in their work.”

“Anytime I get to do something in memory of Tate is a gift for me. By honoring other upcoming students through Tate’s scholarship, I think that will help his name continue to be a part of this community.”

Asset Building

Building community strength and stability.

Thanks to the generosity and support of individuals, businesses, and partners, we empower impactful programs and initiatives that propel and nurture positive change throughout our community. Every donation—whether large or small—plays a crucial role in fueling our efforts to create a brighter future for all.

Donations empower us to expand our reach, innovate our solutions, and respond effectively to emerging challenges. By donating to the Community Foundation of Boone County, community members not only contribute to immediate solutions to pressing challenges but also invest in the long-term well-being and prosperity of Boone County. Furthermore, donations serve as a powerful catalyst for collective action, inspiring others to join us in our mission and amplifying the impact of our work.

Together, through philanthropy and partnership, we can harness the collective strength of our community to drive meaningful and lasting change.

We are able to accept many types of gifts as your local community foundation.

Bond & Stock Transfer

No capital gains tax paid. Donations limited to 30% of AGI.


Income tax deduction. Donations limited to 60% of AGI.

Charitable Trust

Income tax deduction. Fixed or variable income for life or term of years.

Gifts of Grain

Reduction in AGI & income tax paid.


If over 70.5 years old, QCD tax-free distribution of up to $100,000 per year.

Legacy Charitable Request & Planned Gift

Can be percentage, specific amount, asset, or residual of estate.

Life Insurance

Income tax deduction. Charitable use of non-needed life insurance policy.

Mutual Funds Transfer

No capital gains tax paid. Donation limited to 30% of AGI.

Real Estate Transfer

No capital gains tax paid.

Our 2023 Donors

Thank you for giving to the Community Foundation of Boone County in 2023. Because of you, we were able to raise more than $770,000 to address unmet needs in our local communities. Every donation matters as we work every day to make an impact throughout Boone County.

Thank you. Together, we are able to do so much more.

Our Supporters

Mark Adamson

David & Janice Agarwal

Nancy Allen

Shawna Allen

Tessie Allen

Anastasia Alter

AmazonSmile Foundation

Anonymous Donors

Lori Antony

Sheryl Atkins

Susan Austin

Jessica Averitt

Debbie Ayers

Backroads BBQ LLC

Angelo & Margaret Battisti

Lisa Batts

Wendy Bean

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

  Indiana Realty

Cody Bevelhimer

Big O Tires—Lebanon

Kristen Bitzegaio

Kenneth and Mary Blaker

Blooms by Dragonfly

Lacy Boggs

Rachel Booze

Anita Bowen

Kris Bowen

Gordon & Sue Bowron-White

Courtney Bowyer McCollum

Michael Bremer

Valerie Brennan

Judy & Ronald Brown

Brunes Lawn Care, Inc.

Tanya Burdick

Sandy Busald

Stephen & Sue Butwin

Lori Buzzetti

Byers Family Fund

Scott & Kim Byrd

Lori Byrum

C & J Well Drilling Inc.

Angie Caldwell

Lary Callis

Brooke Camhi

Riley Campbell

Ty & Sara Campbell & Family

Capital Cities, LLC

Linda Carlen

Joe and Stephani Carnevale

Robert & Jane Carpenter

Carpenter’s Crew, Inc.

Jane Carter

Diane Case

Sheryl Sanders Cassis

Steve & Deb Catton

Amy Caudy

Ilene Chazan

David & Nancy Cheesman

Melissa Chrisman

Christian Liberty Church

Gus & Cathy Ciresi

The Clark Family

Charles & Luanne Cluff

Julie Cole Mecum

Sonya Collett

Community Surgery Center North

David & Ann Cook

The Corbetts

Lisa Coughlan

Gayle Cox

Kathy Cox

Martin Craft

Cragen Lawn Care LLC

R L Crane

Pat and Jennifer Cross

Crow Farm Operations LLC

Cindy Culbertson

Culligan Water Conditioning of Boone County

Karen and Bill Cunningham

Adam D’Alton

Jane Dalzell

Courtney Daniels

Duane & Lynn Daugherty

James & Brenda Decoursey

Demaree Trucking LLC

DeMars Family

Rollin & Cheri Dick

Dickerson Enterprises Inc.

Renee Dickerson—Class of 1974

Steven & Mary Dickmeyer

Crystal Dimiceli

Melinda Dimiceli

David Dimmett

Joseph Disalvo

Noah and Emily Dock

Lucy Dollens

Donaldson’s Finer Chocolates

Sharon Dorman

Marilyn Dorsey

Scott & Erin Dorsey

Allen & Tonya Douglass

Dover Christian Church

Jamison & Hillary Downs Family

Ora III & Kathleen Downs

Anna Drake

The Drew Family

Matt & Liz Drury

Dull’s Tree Farm

Dave & Cathy Dunwiddie

John & Nancy Dury

Mike and Carly Dury

Dan & Patty Earle

Tom & Deb Easterday

Chris Eck

Robbin Edwards

Eli Lilly & Company

Elliott Company of Indianapolis, Inc.

Elizabeth Ellis

Gary & Joan Emmert

Larry & Cindy Essig

Amy Essley

Jonathan Everson

Family Music Studio

Nagy & Didi Farid

Suzanne Farid

Heather Farris

Robert & Zoe Farrow

Phyllis Ferrell

First Farmers Bank & Trust

Andrew Fleck

Dan Fleck

Theresa Krier & Matt Fleck

Cynthia Flesher


Owen C. Foster

Richard Fox

Kent and Charlotte Frandsen

Josh and Lori Frost

Kaki Garard

Laura Garn

Clark & Lynn Gehlbach & Family

Barb Getty

Jodi L. Gietl

Deborah Givan

Good Seeds LLC

John Goodwin


Edward Gott

Jennifer Gould

Linda Gray

Steve & Sally Greenberg

Beth Greeson

Susan Groen

Laura Gulden

Duke Guthrie

Hachette Book Group USA

Bill & Patti Hall

David & Jeanne Hamernik

Hamilton County Community Foundation

Cindi Hamlow

David & Toni Hammans

Richard & Amy Hammerle

Cotton Hanley

David & Shelley Hanson

Mangala Hasanadka

David & Mary Hatton

Nick Hedge

Monica Helfrich

Lorie Heneghan

David & Alissa Herbon

Kaylene Hernandez

Erin Herr

Brock & Lisa Hesler

Suzanne Hewitt

Al & Dee Hirt

Tim & Donna Hoftiezer

Mary Holand

Lauren Holdcroft

Stacy Holdsworth

Terri Holley

Deanna Hood

Hal & Amy Hoover

Hopper Excavating & Tank Co.

Michael & Jo Horlacher

Jan Hornaday & Brett Brewer

Megan Hornbecker

Brian Hosking

Rae Hostetler

Hotka Family

Howards Lawn & Garden

Gregory Huang

Paula Hudson

Christopher Huffer

Laura Humphrey

Angie Hunter

Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Public Library

Ice Miller LLP

Independent Colleges of Indiana

Indiana Philanthropy Alliance

Indy Hygiene Hub

Paul & Tracey Irving

Alicia Isenhower

IU Health Foundation

Barbara Jablonski

Ivan & Margi Jahns

Bijon Jalaie

Jane James

Terena James

Timothy James

Jayd Advisors

Dale Jeffries

Monet Jensen

Joe’s Auto Sales

Britton Johnson

Erik Johnson

Gayland & Suzanne Jones

Jason & Annette Jones

William & Judy Jones

JP Morgan

Therese Kamm

Kane Family

Kappa Delta Phi

Bridget Kartholl

Joe & Bria Kartholl

John & Ann Kartholl

Julie, John & Eloise Katrus

Kevin Kavanaugh

Joy Kaylor

Angi Kerr

Jerry & Josephine Kerr

Margaret Kilgus

Kandi Killin

Kim Beyer Insurance

Karen Reeves King

Ruth Kirsch

Lynn Kissel

Kleine Family Foods, LLC

Klink Farms, Inc.

Klooz Brews, LLC

Brenda Knecht

Knights of Columbus 3433

Lauren Knoepfler

Robert Knutson

Richard & Carolyn Koontz

Andrew Krier

Matthew Krier

Thomas & Pamela Krier

William Krier

Cheryl & Ted Kussow

Shawna Lake

Mark & Shelley Lakshmanan

Lamb Farms, Inc.

Don & Jodie Lamb

Janet Landon

Mark & Jill Lange

Mel & Amy Langford

Langford Family

Chris & Sheila Lavagetto

Theresa Lavallo

Angie Leary

Lebanon Rotary Club

Suzanne Leupold

Lilly Endowment, Inc.

Brooke Lindsey

Katina Lowe

Luse Seed & Insurance Services Inc.

Lynn MacAbee

Logan Mann

Sally Mann

David & Julie Martin

Kelly Masoncup

Mike Mattingly

Tom & Cindy Mattingly

Ali and Ben Maxey

Wendell & Jean McBurney

Kathleen McClanahan-Gruhl

Anna McConnell

David McDowell

Cindi McGinley

Paula McIntire


Mental Health America of Boone County

Meridian Title

Carla Merritt

Donald & Phyllis Merritt

Bart & Amy Meyer

Amy Michie

Andrew & Marianne Miller

Curtis Miller

Marion Minnick

Mitchell Farms

Doreen & Pierre Mitchell

Models LLC

Angela Moody

Eileen Moore

Katie Moore

Thomas & Louise Moretto

Lizabeth Muniz

Bill & Laura Murphy

Brittany Murray

Myers Cabinets, Inc.

Elaine Myers

Jane Myers

Anthony Nefouse

David & Michelle Nelson

Mike & Lisa Nelson

New Holland Rossville

Newjac Industrial

Paul Nicley

Chris & Elise Nieshalla

Terri Noffke

William & Nancy Norris

O’Connor Family

Sean & Christine O’Connor

Thomas & Patricia O’Connor

Timothy O’Connor

Pete & Sandy Obremskey

Jeff Oman

Charles Orr

Becky Ottinger

Jamie Page

Paige Palmer

Tracy Pannunzio

Sherry Pappas

Craig Pare

Natalie Parks

Parr Richey Frandsen

Patterson Kruse

Patrick Henry Sullivan Trust

Anne Patterson

Bernie & Lisa Paul

Jeff & Lisa Pearson

Matthew Pellerite

Amy Penna

Sarah Pense

Chad & Tiffany Perdue

Ben Perkins

Mark & Susan Perry & Family

Mike & Grace Peterson

PGH Insurance Group LLC

Dr. Christine Phillips

Julianna Plawecki

Play On Zionsville

George Pogas

Cillo & Patty Posadas

Krista & Rob Pratt

Pratt’s Storage, LLC

Ron & Sarah Prince

PSG Logistics, LLC

Patty Pund

Liz Qua

R.L. Turner Corporation

Craig & Julie Reagan

Katie Obremskey Reasoner

Renner Family

Reproductive Specialty Group, Inc.

Jerry & Carla Revell

Reynolds Farm Equipment, Inc.

Jaclyn Ricci

Suzy Rich

J. Douglas & Elizabeth Richardson

Mary Richwine-Tumey

Jill Ridge

Lynn & DiAnn Riley

Riner Enterprises

Roberts Family Foundation

Michelle Roberts

Philip & Chris Roberts

Dawn Rose

Shannon Ross

John Sr. & Charlene Roth

Amanda Rubeck

Annie Rumer

Todd Rumsey

Kelly Ryan

Laura Ryan

Sarah Sampson

Heather Schaller—Safe at Home Realty,

  Brokered by eXp Realty, LLC

Matt & Heather Schaller

Steven Schilling

John Schmidt

Julie Schnieders

Thomas & Denise Schoeff

Dorothy & John Schoonover

Barb Schroeder

Diane Schultz

Keir Schutte

Brad Scott

Jason & Anna Scott

Jennifer Scott

Joseph Scott

Janet Selby

Settle Family

Claire Shelton

Kevin & Kate Shine

Jill Sibila

Maggi Simpson

Smith Electric LLC

Mike & Stacy Smith

Stephen & Kathleen Smith

Virginia Smith

Lucas Snyder

Joan Soller

Solomon Farms

Alison Spoonmore

Timothy Spreitzer

Nicholas Starkey

State Bank

Steel Dynamics

Connie Steinhart

Wm. Jason & Sarah Stephens

Michelle Stergar

Nicolaus Stifel

Jess & Alex Stokely

Strawmyer & Drury Mortuary

Sullivan Hardware and Garden, Inc.

David & Cinda Sullivan

Steve & Tina Sullivan

Doug & Rie Sylvester

Jerry & Sally Tanselle

Marcheta Tate

Neil & Nancy Tate

Taylor Oil Co., Inc

TCM Bank, N.A.

Craig & Rachel Terrill

Kelley Terrill

Molly Thatcher

The American Online Giving


The Team Snepp Charitable Fund

Jeff & Cathie Thermond

Thies Family

Brad Thomas

Emily Thomas

Michele Thomas

Phyllis Thomas

D. Michael & Julie Thompson

Lee Thompson

Mark Thornburg

Timmons Feed & Farm Supply, Inc.

Town of Whitestown

Lan Tran-Campbell

Trent Mechanical, Inc.

Tri-Area Library

Turnbull Family

Shannon Umetani

United Way of Central Indiana

Mark Unroe

Art & Alice Van Dyke

Vawter Foundation

Lainie Veenstra

Pam Verbarg

Ken & Lynn Wakefield

Gregory & Nancy Wall

Evan Wang

Jeff Weiss

Bob & Victoria Wesseler

Whitaker Glass & Mirror

Jackie White

Susan Whittemore

Jamie Williams

Kristina Williams

Erin Wilson

Ronald & Kathleen Wilson

Witham Health Services

Jeff & Sharon Wood

Allen & Jennifer Woods

Karen Wright

Lorene Wright

John & Kirsten Wujek & Family

David Yaraschefski

Abby Zeedyk

Zionsville Christian Church

Zionsville Community Schools

Zionsville Lions Club

Zionsville Optimist Club

Zionsville Self Storage Inc


Every year, people choose to make donations in honor of (iho) or in memory of (imo) someone. These gifts continue the legacy of giving while paying Homage to the special people we know now and have been blessed to know.

The Community Foundation of Boone County is honored to list these donors and the people who have made and continue to make an impact in the lives of so many.


Honorary Gifts

Anonymous Donor IHO Tate Eugenio

Anonymous Donor IHO Sandy Heffner

Backroads BBQ LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

Big O Tires—Lebanon IHO Sandy Heffner

Kenneth & Mary Blaker IHO Sydney Foster

Ron & Judy Brown IHO Russell “Doc” Hardin

Brunes Lawn Care, Inc. IHO Sandy Heffner

Stephen & Sue Butwin IHO Ashley C. Thompson

Community Surgery Center North IHO Heather Cline

Cragen Lawn Care LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

Crow Farm Operations LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

Culligan Water Conditioning of Boone County

  IHO Sandy Heffner

Demaree Trucking LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

Dickerson Enterprises Inc. IHO Sandy Heffner

Erin & Scott Dorsey IHO Joe and Barb Krier

Allen & Tonya Douglass IHO Sydney Foster

Dover Christian Church IHO Sandy Heffner

Dull’s Tree Farm IHO Sydney Foster

John & Nancy Dury IHO Joe and Barb Krier

Robert & Zoe Farrow IHO Sandy Heffner

Matt Fleck IHO Joe & Barb Krier – Hoist ‘em!

Kent & Charlotte Frandsen IHO Sandy Heffner

Barb Getty IHO Todd Getty

Jodi L. Gietl IHO Barbara Joan (Barker) Probasco

Dr. Deborah Givan IHO Lindsay Van Dyke

Gott AG LLP IHO Sandy Heffner

Edward Gott IHO Sandy Heffner

Steve & Sally Greenberg IHO Hondo

Duke Guthrie IHO John & Linda Guthrie

Rick & Amy Hammerle IHO Megan Suzanne Hammerle

David & Shelley Hanson IHO Sandy Heffner

Mary Hatton IHO Emory E. Safford

Ruth Hirsch IHO Earl and Pat Hoock

Mary Ann Mitchell-Holand IHO Theresa Krier-Fleck

Hopper Excavating & Tank Co. IHO Sandy Heffner

Howards Lawn & Garden IHO Sandy Heffner

Paul & Tracey Irving IHO Thomas G. Rake

Gayland & Suzanne Jones IHO Ashley C. Thompson

William & Judy Jones IHO Thomas G. Rake

Therese Kamm IHO M. M. Jones, former LHS biology

  & botany teacher

Kappa Delta Phi IHO Thomas G. Rake

John, Julie & Eloise Katrus IHO Mr. & Mrs. Krier

Angi Kerr IHO Jared A. Kerr

Kleine Family Foods, LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

Klink Farms, Inc. IHO Sandy Heffner

Klooz Brewz, LLC IHO Jerry “Moe” Cunningham Jr.

Theresa Krier & Matt Fleck IHO Joe & Barb Krier – Hoist ‘em!

Don & Jodie Lamb IHO Sandy Heffner

Janet Landon IHO Megan Suzanne Hammerle

Bryan & Janice Langford IHO Sandy Heffner

Julie & David Martin IHO Thomas G. Rake

Donald & Phyllis Merritt IHO Sandy Heffner

Models LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

New Holland Rossville IHO Marcia Wilhoite

Newjac Industrial IHO Sandy Heffner

Paul Nicley IHO Sandy Heffner

William & Nancy Norris IHO Linda Dickerson

Craig Pare IHO Megan Suzanne Hammerle

Jeff & Lisa Pearson IHO Sandy Heffner

PGH Insurance Group LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

Pratt’s Storage IHO Sandy Heffner

Jerry & Carla Revell IHO Sandy Heffner

Reynolds Farm Equipment, Inc. IHO Sandy Heffner

Doug & Beth Richardson IHO Mr. Doug Heffner

Riner Enterprises IHO Sandy Heffner

John & Charlene Roth IHO John Whitney & Jake Roth

Dorothy & John Schoonover IHO Suzanne Schoonover

Barb Schroeder IHO George Morton

Barb Schroeder IHO Joanne Applegate

Steve & Barb Schroeder IHO Georgiana Schroeder

Brad Scott IHO Sandy Heffner

Jason & Anna Scott IHO Sydney Foster

Janet Selby IHO Jerry Selby

Smith Electric LLC IHO Sandy Heffner

Solomon Farms IHO Sandy Heffner

Nicholas Starkey IHO Sandy Heffner

Steel Dynamics IHO Sandy Heffner

Michelle Stergar IHO Jerry “Moe” Cunningham Jr.

Taylor Oil Co., Inc. IHO Sandy Heffner

Jeff & Cathie Thermond IHO Thomas G. Rake

D. Michael & Julie Thompson IHO Sydney Foster

Timmons Feed & Farm Supply, Inc. IHO Sandy Heffner

Trent Mechanical, Inc IHO Sandy Heffner

Art & Alice Van Dyke IHO Lindsay Van Dyke

Whitaker Glass & Mirror IHO Sandy Heffner

Sharon & Jeff Wood IHO Megan Suzanne Hammerle

Memorial Gifts

Byrd Family IMO Tate Eugenio

Jane & Robert Carpenter IMO Tate Eugenio

Gayle Cox IMO Tate Eugenio

Jonathan Everson IMO Tate Eugenio

Josh Hamlow & Family IMO Tate Eugenio

David & Alissa Herbon IMO Tate Eugenio

Margaret Kilgus IMO Tate Eugenio

Ted & Cheryl Kussow IMO Tate Eugenio

Amy & Mel Langford IMO Tate Eugenio

Theresa Lavallo IMO Tate Eugenio

Amy Michie IMO Tate Eugenio

Mills Family Foundation IMO Tate Eugenio

Curtis Miller IMO Tate Eugenio

Elise & Chris Nieshalla IMO Tate Eugenio

Bernie & Lisa Paul IMO Tate Eugenio

Play On Zionsville IMO Tate Eugenio

Cillo & Patty Posadas IMO Tate Eugenio

Sarah Sampson IMO Tate Eugenio

Lucas Snyder IMO Tate Eugenio

Marcheta Tate IMO Tate Eugenio

Neil & Nancy Tate IMO Tate Eugenio

The Team Snepp Charitable Fund IMO Karl Snepp

  & all the Snepps before him

Greg & Christie Turnbull IMO Tate Eugenio

Shannon Umetani IMO Tate Eugenio

Evan Wang IMO Tate Eugenio

Gordon White & Susan Bowron-White IMO Tate Eugenio

Greg & Kristina Williams IMO Tate Eugenio

Zionsville Christian Church IMO Tate Eugenio

Zionsville Community Schools IMO Tate Eugenio

Financials & Investments

Get Gifts. Grow Funds. Give Back.

It’s what we do at the Community Foundation of Boone County. We receive gifts from people all over this county we call home. We invest those gifts so they grow and maximize the resources we have to support the many nonprofits that help Boone County thrive.

Our endowed funds are invested to preserve the original value of these gifts and grow our assets over time. We employ a moderate growth strategy in which 60% are invested in equities, 20% in fixed income vehicles, and 20% in liquid alternatives. Our investment strategy has produced excellent results for Boone County in both stable and unstable markets spanning three decades.






$ 0 M
$ 0 K
$ 0 M






$ 0 M
$ 0 M
$ 0 M






$ 0 M
$ 0 K
$ 0 M





$ 0 M
$ 0 M
$ 0 M


$ 0 K
*due to a significant contribution
$ 0 M
$ 0 K


$ 0 M
$ 0 M
$ 0 M



IN 2023, NET ASSETS EXCEEDED $32 Million.

Area of Impact









Area of Impact

Fund Type








Fund Type

Consistent with prior years and observing industry best practices, the Community Foundation of Boone County engaged the services of Estep Burkey Simmons to perform an audit of the records and 2023 financial statements. The Community Foundation of Boone County will submit a 2023 Form 990, which the IRS requires us to file annually. Form 990 gives the IRS an overview of the organization’s activities, governance, and detailed financial information. Audited financials and 990s are available on our website at www.communityfoundationbc.org or upon request from the CFBC office.